What Camera does the Mavic 3 Enterpise Have?

What Camera does the Mavic 3 Enterpise Have?

The Mavic 3 Enterprise series has 3 different camera types. 

Camera Types:
  1. Mavic 3 Enterprise - RGB Camera with mechanical shutter, primarily used for mapping 3d, reconstruction models, etc.
  2. Mavic 3 Thermal - A Thermal combo camera with a RGB camera that has an electronic shutter.
  3. Mavic 3 Multispectral - RGB Camera with mechanical shutter plus 4 Multispectral bands for Agricultural or similar analysis use.
All have RTK capability. 

All 3 types have 3 different Enterprise Shield Coverage
  1. One year Shield Basic coverage
  2. Two year Shield Basic coverage
  3. One year Shield Plus coverage

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