Trinity Information - VTOL Fixed Wing

Trinity Information - VTOL Fixed Wing

Here’s the rundown on the Trinity F90+. Let us know how you would like to start. 
We require a half-day training (roughly 4 hours classroom time plus flgiHt time) in Seattle Area Office so that clients can effectively get up to speed. When any rental 7 days or longer is purchased the training in Seattle is free. Please choose one of the training options listed below.  

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What UAV platforms do you have experience flying and how much experience?
  2. Do you already have or have flown the any fixed wing UAS?
  3. What is your experience with UAVs doing photogrammetry and autonomous mapping missions?
  4. Which flight planning software have you used? 
  5. Which training option below do you want to start with and when?
Pre-Requisite Experience:
Some experience in flying UAVs, specifically performing automated missions is a prerequisite to a rental. If you haven't flown other UAVs or done mapping missions autonomously then we can recommend some other rentals to practice with.
Please note that there is some "get in the game" investment involved. We have some training options that you might want to consider before scheduling / bidding for a customer or buying. We can sell new or used and also provide rentals.
  1. Purchase Option:
  2. Rental Option:

General Information:
This document contains Blue Skies Drone Rental LLC CONFIDENTIAL information.  Do not share or copy this email in part or in whole outside of your organization unless required by law. 

We can give some rental credit towards new or used purchase. If you buy from us vs with the manufacturer, you win because the manufacturer is busy with many other things and can’t provide the level of personalized support and help that we provide.
  1. 90 Minute Flight Time
  2. Payload Options:
    1. 20 MP Camera
    2. 42 MP Camera
    3. Micasense RedEdge-M/MX
    4. Micasense RedEdge DUAL Blue
    5. Micasense Altum
    6. 20 MP and Micasense RedEdge-M/MX
  3. PPK
  4. ADSB- Receiving of live air traffic
Accuracy & Flight Planning:
Accuracy that can be reached is a Standard Deviation of 5cm at 120m AGL flying altitude.  We recommend not flying above 100-120m AGL, and flying at 17m/s for best results. We also recommend you use the included base station for PPK.  You can use another base station such as the Trimble R8 or R10 unit.  Because Trimble base station units are widely available, we don't carry them as rentals.  You can also use CORS network if you like but accuracy is reduced.  With the include base station you can expect an accuracy around 5cm horizontal and vertically.
We do not include a laptop with software pre-loaded flight planning, but you will need on with QBase installed to place and fly the mission. Download QBase Flight Planning Software here. You are responsible for all post processing of the image files and final outputs. Contact us if you need assistance in this area and we can arrange processing for extra charges. Recommended programs for doing post editing include Pix4D, Agisoft, DroneDeploy, or Propeller.  There are others that work as well with GEOTAGGGED images.  You can send data to us to cross check if needed so we can process and give you feedback to get you calibrated to settings, parameters etc.
Training & Preparation:
Our experience has been that the first three days of the rental needs to be spent familiarizing yourself with the unit and learning to set the right parameters and get good data.  Do not try to schedule and serve a client within the first 3 days of your rental.  No matter how experienced you are, we have not seen good experiences when this is attempted.  

  1. $2500 — Schedule to come to Seattle for a 1/2 day face to face training and then a separately scheduled 5 day rental on your own.  Plan on using the first day or two of your rental to to self train. Do not try to serve a client right at the first of your rental.  Give yourself adequate time to generate some test datasets on small area scans to make sure you are ready before serving a client. 

    It is the best value and gives you the best chance for success, by giving you a solid day of face to face training and a 5 day rental on your own to practice and cement the skills. 

  2. $1500 — Schedule to come to Seattle for a 1/2 day face to face training. This option works well for those that want to come up to speed on VTOL technology and get some hands on experience on the equipment in order to explore the field of VTOL Drones and to prepare for rental or purchase in the future. For all options upfront study and questions are highly recommended. We provide manuals and our own lessons learned documents and guides.  For the in person training, they are at our shop in Seattle and include ground and flight training as well as post processing. It is an operational level training geared at getting you hands on time to be able to generate usable datasets. It is definitely not a PhD level course in Mapping & Processing. The goal is to get you operational on the Trinity as well as all the settings for different topographies to hit the ground running generating accurate data for mapping.

  3. Starting at $2500 — If you need training at your location we can accommodate that typically.  We would combine that with a 3 day rental period following the time of training.  Travel Costs would be in addition to the training and rental costs for the systems.

Do you have a partner with a US shipping address that we can send to?  Please note that we consider some training necessary for operation. If you are not able to come to the US (Seattle) for training then you accept the responsibility to self train with minimal support from us. 

Copyright 2020 Blue Skies Drone Rental LLC (BSDR), All Rights Reserved
BSDR Confidential. DO NOT share or publish without express written permission from BSDR



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