After using your ROV it is imperative to clean it immediately after use. This is especially true if the ROV has been in saltwater or in a chlorinated pool as the salt and chlorine can cause exposed metal to stain and rust. 

Tip: Avoid leaving the headlights on when the ROV is not submerged; this can damage the light bulbs. 

  1. Take the ROV from the body of water you have been operating in and place it into a container of fresh and clean water and run the motors for at least 2-5 minutes while submerged in the fresh water, run maintenance mode if available. 

  2. Remove the ROV from the fresh water and allow ROV to drain completely. While the ROV is dripping, turn the motors on for 30 seconds to flush any remaining water from the motors themselves. 

  3. Repeat Step 2.

  4. You can let your ROV to hang and dry for no more than an hour or two before finishing the cleaning process. It is important to get the ROV cleaned and lubricated before storing it. 

  5. Take the noses off the motors and remove any debris such as seaweed. While the caps are off, remove the screws on the motors and give a short burst of food grade silicone spray ( to any openings on the motors and along any rotating seam. 

  6. Reassemble the ROV and give it a quick 5 -10 second run.

  7. If the ROV will be stored for a long period of time, it is a good idea to leave it hanging to dry for approximately 24 hours in a warm, dry area before stowing it away in a sealed case. 

  8. Make sure the interior of the case is dry before long term storage of your drone.

  9. Routinely perform the following services (also before any long terms storage):

    1. Remove propellers and spray motors with food grade silicone spray (, let dry or use silicone oil (

    2. Lubricate any connection points that get wet with dielectric grease (

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