Remote ID - Autel Robotics

Remote ID - Autel Robotics

To comply with FAA regulations, Remote ID capability will soon be released for all our major drone series. This feature will monitor the drone‚Äôs location and broadcast identification information while in flight. 

This will make it easier to fly our drones in areas with other drones or manned aircraft. We hope this makes it safer and simpler to operate drones on lifesaving missions such as police and search and rescue operations. 

The Remote ID is already integrated into the EVO II V3, Dragonfish, and EVO Lite Series. It will be activated in a firmware update once it is approved by the FAA. We intend for it to be available late 2022. 

EVO II V1 and V2 drones will receive this feature via an attachable Remote ID module that will be available early to mid 2023.

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