Service Rate Sheet 2020

Service Rate Sheet 2020

Drone Rentals & Rates


3-day Rental 

7-day Rental 

Mavic 2 Pro



Phantom 4 Pro



Inspire 2 w/ X7



Matrice M600 w/ X5



Drone Services
includes drone and certified FAA pilot

Aerial Photography 


5 Photos


10 Photos 


15 Photos 


20 Photos 


Aerial Photo/Video


5 Photos, 3 Video Clips 


10 Photos, 5 Video Clips 


10 Photos and Premium Video



Day Rate

Orthomosaic - Geotiff (up to 120 acres)


LiDAR Serivces


All rates, descriptions and provisions are subject to change at anytime without notice

*Time charged from arrival on location until removal or wrap and does not include airfare, ferry or transport time to the location or travel expenses or mileage where applicable

**Does not include any permits, waivers, operational fees, location fees, or the administrative time to acquire them

***Drone service rates use applicable drone. Request for specific drone may incur additional fees. 2-hours on location unless otherwise noted

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