QySea Questionaire

QySea Questionaire

If you can answer some questions about your QySea use that would be help for us.

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    • QySea Setup Video

      While this video was shot using a V6 Expert, the setup is the same for all the QySea V6 Series drones. Getting the ROV setup the first time correctly will make your operating life soo much better. https://youtu.be/xb-sHPSqV10
    • Tether Repair Kit

      Cut off the broken adapter Strip the cable back and strip the individual cables to fit on the new adapter Slip clear tub over wire Solder the wires to the corresponding spots below. #1 position is the white wire.  #2 position is the black wire Bench ...
    • QySea Thrust Protector Installation

      On the Box is a diagram with numbers which tells you which shows the location of each protector. Then on the bottom of each thruster are the numbers for each thruster protector.
    • QySea V6 Propeller Installation

      Here are 2 types of propellers for the V6 series propellers. Please follow these instructions for the proper location This applies to the V6, V6S, V-EVO, V-6 Expert, E-GO, and V6 Plus