How to GEO Unlock DJI Drones for Qualified Entities?

How to GEO Unlock DJI Drones for Qualified Entities?

Please note that currently the Qualified Entities Program is offered to public safety entities and/or local, state and federal government users.

We would like to point out the features of QEP.
Your unlock is permanent subject to a biannual contact information update. The unlock covers the Continental US. Therefor your drone is/are unhindered by No Fly Zones. Some craft can have their altitude restrictions removed. Please let us know if that is a priority. It is now your responsibility to fly in accordance with your approvals from the regulatory agencies.

Here are the documentations to participate in QEP. Please complete and return to

1. Complete the QEP application form (attached)
2. Send us a copy of signed T&C (attached)
3. Send us a copy of Part 107 license of the chief pilot OR Certificate of Authorization from the FAA, OR other similar flight authorization document
4. Send us an authorization letter on official entity letterhead from the entity’s UAV program manager or head of the entity
5. Complete the User and Craft ID spreadsheet (attached)

Kindly note, if the file documentations size is over 10M, please upload it to a website, like Dropbox or Google drive, and provide us with the download link.
After getting your feedback, we will do the actual processing and respond to you in the next 24-72 hours.

If you have any additional questions about the program, please email

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