Proof of Concept Program - Autel Robotics

Proof of Concept Program - Autel Robotics

The EVO Max4T is now included in the Autel Robotics Proof of Concept Program!

What does this mean for you?  Any Public Safety organization can now receive a FREE EVO Max4T for a 3 week trial period…yes you read that right!


We truly believe the phrase “Seeing in Believing” which is why we have worked with HQ to design this new program and allow your customers to get first-hand experience with this new aircraft, without waiting for a demonstration or making a decision solely on reading a spec sheet as we approach the end of the spending season for government agencies.  We Encourage them to put this aircraft through real world scenarios!  We also designed this program in hopes to make it as logistically friendly as possible, shipping these units straight from Bothell, WA to our customers.


We have a limited number of EVO Max4T units allocated to this program and we will be shipping them out in the order the form submissions are received so please do not wait to take advantage of this program as we are anticipating extreme demand on this program. 

Please follow this link to enter this program and let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you!

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