Programming the Payload Release System for Matrice 600 with the Channel Expansion kit

Programming the Payload Release System for Matrice 600 with the Channel Expansion kit

Once the hardware is installed on the Matrice 600 and wired to a port you will need to program the Channel Expansion and Matrice 600 Pro.

Follow the Instructions to install the Channel Expansion module on the remote controller. 
This video will help you install the Channel Expansion Module.

Once you have the Remote Control setup you need to set the Servo Levels and switch you want to use.  To do this you need to open DJI Assistant 2 for Matrice Series
  1. Open DJI Assistant 2 for Matrice Series
  2. Connect the Matrice 600 to the computer
  3. Log in using your DJI account
  4. Power up the Matrice 600 and Remote Control
  5. The Drone will connect.  Click on 'Flight Controller'
  6. Click on the 'Tools' Button
  7. Choose the slot that you connected the Wiring Harness from the drop kit to.  In this case we used S1.
  8. Set the Spraying Frequency top and bottom levels to adjust the servo pin to the open and closed levels when you toggle your switch (depending on which switch or dial you use).
  9. Once you have done this you can exit DJI Assistant for Matrice Series and power down the drone.

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