Laser Methane Falcon System for Matrice 300

Laser Methane Falcon System for Matrice 300

Laser Falcon with Skyhub
For the M300, it is much cleaner application.  It shows live ppm on the remote control while flying and records the ppm data to the skyhub with GPS from the drone.  There is a laser altimeter for true terrain following that is optional.  There used to be a radar version but this is no longer available.

  • Live Data & Logger
  • Includes mount for Matrice 300 (Matrice 600 also available)
  • Skyhub and Cables

Target Gas

Methane (CH4) and methane-containing gases (natural gas and similar)

Detection Unit


Detection Limits

1 ~ 50,000 ppm*m

Detection Speed

0.1 seconds


1.64 ft. – 328 ft. / 0.5 – 100 meters

Weight & Dimensions

approx. 8.12 oz
3.94 inches x 3.18 inches x 3.15 inches

Power Supply

External power (5v-18V)

Max. Wind Speed

10 mps

Operating Temperature

-1.4°F – 120°F / -17°C – 50°C

Operating Humidity

30 – 90 % (no dew condensation)


Our experience has been that the first three days of the rental needs to be spent familiarizing yourself with the unit and learning to set the right parameters and get good data.  Do not try to schedule and serve a client within the first 3 days of your rental.  No matter how experienced you are, we have not seen good experiences when this is attempted.  

  1. $3500 — Schedule to come to Seattle for a 1/2 day face to face training and then a separately scheduled 5 day rental on your own.  Plan on using the first day or two of your rental to to self train. Do not try to serve a client right at the first of your rental.  Give yourself adequate time to generate some test datasets on small area scans to make sure you are ready before serving a client. 

    It is the best value and gives you the best chance for success, by giving you a solid day of face to face training and a 5 day rental on your own to practice and cement the skills. 

  2. $1500 — Schedule to come to Seattle for a 1/2 day face to face training. This option works well for those that want to come up to speed on Laser Falcon and Skyhub technology and get some hands on experience on the equipment in order to explore the field and to prepare for rental or purchase in the future. For all options upfront study and questions are highly recommended. We provide manuals and our own lessons learned documents and guides.  For the in person training, they are at our shop in Seattle and include ground and flight training as well as post processing. It is an operational level training geared at getting you hands on time to be able to generate usable datasets. It is definitely not a PhD level course in Mapping & Processing. The goal is to get you operational on the equipment  to hit the ground running generating accurate data for mapping.

  3. Starting at $4500 — If you need training at your location we can accommodate that typically.  We would combine that with a 3 day rental period following the time of training.  Travel Costs would be in addition to the training and rental costs for the systems.

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