How do I place a rental?

How do I place a rental?

You can find information here on how to rent a drone and you may watch this video below.  Each drone is different so you need to select a drone that you want to rent.

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    • Can I pick up my rental?

      We ship all our rentals except for Seattle and Chicago. You can arrange for pick up in these regions.
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      Here’s the rundown on the Trinity F90+. Let us know how you would like to start.  We require a half-day training (roughly 4 hours classroom time plus flgiHt time) in Seattle Area Office so that clients can effectively get up to speed. When any rental ...
    • Insurance

      BLUE SKIES DRONE RENTAL DOES NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE COVERAGE ON THE DRONES. WE DO REQUIRE INSURANCE FOR SOME DRONES AND SENSORS. While the FAA does not require insurance for drone flights, we highly recommend having insurance in case of mishaps with ...
    • Service Rate Sheet 2020

      Drone Rentals & Rates Model 3-day Rental  7-day Rental  Mavic 2 Pro $129 $302 Phantom 4 Pro $129 $245.98 Inspire 2 w/ X7 $714 $1,173.13 Matrice M600 w/ X5 $695 $1,324.50 Drone Services includes drone and certified FAA pilot Aerial Photography  Rates ...
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      Thank you for renting from Blue Skies Drone Rental! Please review this guide for getting your LMC up in the air quickly. 1.       We verify each unit is ready for flight before we ship out the units, but we want you to verify no damage has occurred ...