DJI Care Enterprise (Basic & Plus)

DJI Care Enterprise (Basic & Plus)

Comprehensive Protection for Your Fleet

DJI Care Enterprise was specially created to provide comprehensive protection for your DJI Enterprise products. Offering coverage options with unlimited replacements or free repair services for accidental damage such as crashing, water damage, or signal interference. This efficient and total accident protection service provides greater peace of mind for your entire DJI fleet.

Service Type
DJI Care Enterprise Basic
DJI Care Enterprise Basic (2-Year Plan)
DJI Care Enterprise Plus
Two low-price replacements for one year
  1. Three low-price replacements for two year
  2. The official warranty period for product will be extended by at least 12 months (EU Version and UK Version: not available)
Unlimited free repair and replacement services within the coverage amount for one year
DJI Care Express
Free Maintenance
One free standard maintenance service
One free standard maintenance service
One free standard maintenance service

Covered Parts

Aircraft body, camera and gimbal bound with the current aircraft, battery, propellers, DJI RC Pro Enterprise.

Purchase Requirement

DJI Care Enterprise Basic, DJI Care Enterprise Plus, DJI Care Enterprise Basic (2-Year Plan) :

Meet one of the follows:
  1. Brand-new and un-activated;
  2. Enterprise aircraft or gimbal activated within the last 72 hours;
  3. Repaired in an official DJI Service Center (within 72 hours of receiving email invitation).
DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew :
DJI Care Enterprise Basic has not expired and DJI Care Enterprise Basic has at least one product replacement left.
Note: DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew cannot be purchased if your product has been bound to DJI Care Enterprise Basic (2-Year Plan).

DJI Care Enterprise Plus Renew :
DJI Care Enterprise Plus has not expired and there is at least 30% coverage amount left under your DJI Care Enterprise Plus service

​More Details:

Unlimited Free Replacements

Unlimited free replacements for drones are provided with DJI Care Enterprise.

* For each replacement, a fee equivalent to the damage assessment cost for the original product is deducted from the coverage amount. Cost for Replacement can be found here.

Unlimited Sharing Coverage for Your Whole Fleet

Minimize your risk and simplify your workflow with one account to protect your entire fleet. With shared coverage across an entire fleet, an unlimited number of products can be bought, activated and bound to your DJI Care Enterprise account, increasing your total coverage and peace of mind.

Water Damage Coverage

Fly fearlessly with DJI Care Enterprise, replace your aircraft even if its water damaged. Replacement units are also provided for: Crash & Collision Damage, Signal Interference, and other accidents caused by User Error.

Free Delivery

DJI will cover all the shipping costs when you are using DJI Care Enterprise service, helping you to enjoy an optimal experience.

* This service is only available in the region covered by DJI Care Enterprise, and if outside a covered region, the shipping costs and customs clearance fees generated are not covered by DJI.

Supports a Variety of Products

DJI Care Enterprise covers a wide range of DJI Enterprise drones, gimbals and cameras, providing you with the best professional protection solution for your fleet. For more details about the supported product models, please contact your local enterprise dealer.

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series
Matrice 30 Series
Matrice 600 Pro
Matrice 300 RTK
Phantom 4 RTK
P4 Multispectral
Mavic 2 Enterprise Series
Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced
M2EA RTK Module
Zenmuse Z30
Zenmuse X5S
Zenmuse H20 Series
Zenmuse H20N
Zenmuse P1
Zenmuse L1

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