Emlid RS 2+- RTK/PPK Workflows

Emlid RS 2+- RTK/PPK Workflows

Below is some information to get you and others started with RTK/PPK workflows...

For DJI Drones with RTK you can turn on the NTRIP Network and connect to the network instead of connecting to a D-RTK Base Station


  1. Turn on your hotspot on your Ipad.

  2. Next turn on your RS2+ Base and it should see and connect to the Ipad’s hotspot, since I assume you have already connected to it at least once already. You should see a steady blue light on the left Wi-FI status indicator that tells you that the Emlid is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

  3. Startup Reach 3 and you should see your RS2+ listed, tap on that and then go to Base Settings Tab and select Configure. Select Average Single and average for 2 minutes. Once done averaging, write down the position for later use if you return to the site. Note that this will be just a relative position and not an absolute or known position.

  4. Now go to the Base Output tab and select Local NTRIP. Click on the “i” Info icon and note all of the settings. This info including IP Address, Port, Username, Password and Mountpoint will be used in the Autel RTK setup screen.

  5. Go to your Autel app on your phone and start it up, making sure your phone is connected to the same network as the hotspot.

  6. Turn on your drone.

  7. Select RTK setup and enter the info from Emlid’s Local NTRIP tab.
    8, Hit connect and you should see Connection Successful.

  8. Setup your Mission and then fly away.
    You will want to enable auto logging on the Emlid in case you want to use PPK methods to later adjust your positions.
    I think you also mention that you would like to share the screen with another device. I don’t believe that is possible unless you get the Smart Controller with the built in HDMI port. Autel does or did make an LiveDeck Stream Anywhere device that I think would do what you want. Though not a 100% sure about that.

    (above is from https://community.emlid.com/t/emlid-with-a-autel-evo-rtk-uav/31905/42 )