We are proud to be a partner with Pix4D and the React product. In this document, we hope to address any sales-related questions your customers may have regarding the use of EVO II™ aircraft and Pix4D products.
If you have questions not addressed in this document, please contact your Autel Sales rep and they should be able to answer any questions you may have. 
On install/update, users should see this screen in Pix4Dreact

Are Autel aircraft compatible with all Pix4D products?
Autel Pro and Dual Aircraft are compatible with most Pix4D software applications such as Pix4DMapper, Pix4Dreact, Pix4DCloud, and others.

What settings do I need to use in Autel Explorer to ensure compatibility?
In both Dual and 6K (Pro) cameras, we recommend the highest resolution possible for best results in Pix4Dreact or Pix4DMapper. The EVO II Dual camera should be set to 8000x6000 as illustrated in the below image.

Is the EVOII compatible with Pix4D?
Currently, Pix4Dreact is compatible only with EVO II Pro and EVO II Dual models.

Can I import a GeoTIFF into Pix4Dreact for labeling/marking?
Yes, GeoTIFF can be imported using the “Import GeoTIFF” button on the center left side of the screen.

Can I use Pix4DCapture with Autel EVO II?
No. Autel Explorer is the mission planning tool of choice. Please view the included instruction/how-to sheet for programming missions in Autel Explorer.

How fast should I fly for best mapping results?
Ideally mapping missions are flown no faster than 18mph.

Are there any challenging maps where Pix4Dreact may not be optimal?
Pix4Dreact will struggle with creating highly detailed, correctly stitched maps in areas where there are large, sudden shifts in elevation, such as ravines, multi-story buildings in an otherwise flat location, cliffs, etc. This is a challenge for all 2D mapping applications due to the nature of surface depth.

What if I want to upgrade to a Perpetual (I own it) license?
There is an included card that demonstrates the upgrade path to a Perpetual license. The upgrade cost is $600.00 USD, one-time payment. Pix4Dreact will be licensed forever/perpetuity.

Can I use this towards Pix4DMapper?
This included bonus to the Autel Bundles does not include a pathway to Pix4DMapper. Contact your Autel (or Pix4D) reseller to purchase Pix4DMapper.

Do I need a fast computer for Pix4Dreact?
Pix4Dreact was specifically designed to run on virtually any computer that runs Windows 10. A blazing fast computer is not needed for Pix4Dreact to operate rapidly and effectively.

I bought my EVO II Bundle last month, am I eligible for a free Pix4Dreact?
Yes! Contact Autel Customer Service, have your aircraft serial number ready, and we’ll provide you withan unlock code. 844-MY AUTEL (844-692-8835)

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